CUMC Spring Garden Campus Update-December 2019

Please disregard this post.  It was made erroneously.  Sincerely Charles L Reynolds, Blogger Apprentice

CUMC Spring Garden Campus Update December 1-7, 2019

The Spring Garden Campus enjoyed steady progress during the first week of December.  We had reasonable weather, which enabled the outside crews to complete the sloped roof on the south side of the Sanctuary.  Here’s a view of the campus .

Spring Garden Campus Worship Center Dec 6 2019.  Most outside activity now centers on the Sanctuary 

The sloped roof on the south side of the Sanctuary now sports a dark chocolate brown metal covering.  It will be complementary to the copper-color of the barrel vault when it is installed, perhaps later this month.

20191206-15vs Flyby S Sanct Roof-01a
South Sanctuary Sloping Roof. Note metalworker at the edge.

If you look at the north slope of the Sanctuary roof, you can get an appreciation for the roof construction.  The photo below shows the beginnings of insulation being installed.

North Slope Sanctuary Roof near the North Gathering . Note the fiberglass batting insulation.

You’ll notice that the entire Sanctuary now has all of its outer walls covered with a 5 in foam sheathing textured with a waterproof stucco that matches the lighter color of the Dryvit accents on the two wings.  All the rest of the Sanctuary walls will be worked from inside.

The Sanctuary Southeast Corner with the insulated exterior, Dec 6 2019.  Notice the ramp to the Chancel/Stage area to the left of the second door.

Gathering and Sanctuary areas. These two photos below, taken on Dec 3 and Dec 6, 2019, reflect the framework for the entrance façade of windows, and the present messiness on the Sanctuary floor. Future blogs will show progress here.

20191203-40jc Entrance to WC-01
Worship Center Entrance Dec 3 2019
Worship Center Entrance Dec 6 2019. Note window frames on the West Gathering.

Interior Progress. I did not do a walkthrough of the North Wing this week, but I assume work continues there with finishing rooms, etc. Debbie W and Joanne R, the Interior Team, made a tour of both wings and gave a Punch List to Jeff Barnes.

20191203-39jc The 'Ladies' checking interiors-01-crop
Debbie and Joanne checking on just about everything that you will see inside the building

Workers were active in all the West Wing areas, and in both Gathering wings.

Note the lovely noonday light

Working in the future gym on Dec 3 2019.  Note the beautiful noonday light.

According to Mike the technical term for most of those metal workers is “assembler.” But don’t let that diminish what they are doing. There is a different skillset required for that job.  Note that the roof is still translucent; that will change by the 6th

20191203-13c Metalworker on Sanct roof-02
Metal worker and the Sanctuary wall, Dec 3, 2019

However, the workers were able to take a break and enjoy two large crockpots of chicken soup on Dec 3, 2019.


This photo shows some of the varieties of hardware and devices that hold our building together. Mike Arnold told me that much of the sanctuary is actually a giant Lego kit, specially built for CUMC. Most of those metal workers are really “assemblers.” But don’t let that diminish what they are doing. There is a different skillset required for that job.

Some of the little things that hold our church together.

This shows looking outward from the Gathering on Dec 3.  The gap leads from the Sanctuary and probably won’t be poured until all the inside work is finished in the Sanctuary. 

The second photo is a detail of the right side ramp leading to the chancel/stage area.  Lots of work to be done here.

The last photo shows a team working on the North Gathering area.  The exposed HVAC ductwork will be painted, and acoustic clouds will be suspended from the exposed ceiling.  

20191203-15c Looking outside from gathering-01
Looking toward the entrance on Dec 3, 2019. The Chapel will be to the left and office reception to the right.
20191203-10c Detail of Rt Ramp-01
Right ramp leading to Chancel/Stage area. The cinderblock wall is the front of the Nave.
20191203-07c Gathering Areas-01
Working on the North Gathering, Dec 3, 2019. 

This is a wide view of the nave and Chancel/stage taken on Dec 3 2019.

20191203-09c Sanctuary with ramps to stage-01
Taken from the right rear of the Sanctuary on Dec 3. Note there is no finished roof.

And here’s one of those strange photo questions that used to appear in magazines. What is this? Make a guess.

20191203-27c Hole sign West Gathering-01
Is it a Holy Hole? or a Whole Hole? Or is it pronounced Ho LAY (Spanish)?

And that wraps it up for this week. 

Look for the next instalment in about a week.  Please pray for all the construction teams. 

CUMC Blogpost 10 -30 Nov 2019 – What the Contractors accomplished

I’ve already posted the excellent, God-inspired work of the VIM teams and Youth. This blogpost focuses on the highlights of what the Contractor teams did during this time.

Let me try a bullet list, rather than narrative, and embed the relevant imagery.


  • Stone masons completed the beautiful three-foot high stone base around both wings.

    20191113-14sc Stone Dressers and stone on Office-01
    Stone Dressers by the Office Facade
  • The next installment of curbing was poured and nearly lapped the building

    Curbing poured Nov 20, 2019, further defining the Parking Area.
  • The outline of the “Diamond Ring’ is evident

    Cured Curbing Nov 26 2019 around the future entrance to the Worship Center — the ‘Diamond Ring’ area.
  • Painting crews prepped the walls in the North Wing (LLLC and office spaces) for the VIM and Youth painters

    20191113-20sc Professional painting LLLC spaces-01
    Contract painter working in the LLLC area on Nov 13, 2019

Interior Team

  • Continued to finalize colors and walls with the LLLC and Church staff and the contractor subcontractors.
  • Met with the cabinet people.
  • Worked with staff to identify which furniture and equipment transfers to SGC, what items need to be ordered in advance.
  • Continued to coordinate with contractors and CUMC staff on many other important details.

North and West Wings

  • The West Wing walls were fully covered, and the HVAC units were positioned and installed on the West Wing roof.

    South Wall of West Wing, taken Nov 23, 2019. The wall is completed, and has the stone band at the bottom.
  • This completes the exterior wall work for both wings, except for the downspouting.

    West Wing Youth Entrances with partial downspouting on Nov 30. Awaiting the connection to the white pipes at ground level.

Gathering and Sanctuary

  • The North and West Gathering areas received concrete flooring and roofing. And the initial 5 in insulation was installed on these roofs.

    Sanctuary Entrance on Nov 23, 2019. Note the North and West Gathering floors are poured. Also note first external wall covering of Sanctuary
  • The Sanctuary and Chancel floors weathering are trenched, and the conduit laid and covered. These conduits will hold electrical, electronic and audio-visual wiring.

    Trenching work from rear of Sanctuary on Nov 18, 2019. Chancel/Stage in foreground.
  • The initial covering of the upper Sanctuary walls was applied on both sides.

    First covering of Upper Sanctuary Wall as of Nov 23, 2019
  • The initial exterior Sanctuary walls from ground level were erected.

    Southwest View of Sanctuary Exterior Wall on Nov 23, 2019


The Spring Garden Campus as of Nov 26, 2019

Spring Garden Campus Worship Center on Nov 26, 2019. Curbing, Sanctuary walls, Exterior finishes on North and West Wings.


CUMC Spring Garden Campus Blogpost – VIM and Youth Nov 18 – 23, 2019

This week’s blog concentrates on the splendid work of our Volunteers in Mission (VIM) members, who numbered in the 60s, and about 15 of our CUMC Youth.

The Indoor VIM team worked inside painting the walls of the LLLC and the office spaces. The painting contractor prepped the walls. The VIM painters primed and put on two top coats on 18 office/meeting room/bathroom/closet spaces in and around the Office, primed the long hallway of the North Wing, and finished two LLLC rooms, some bathrooms, and the corridor joining all of these spaces The main feedback from the professional painters was how surprised they were with how quickly our painters worked. They also really enjoyed the HOT DOGS provided by Rich Charette and the men of the Thursday Men’s Breakfast who meet at Faye’s.

The Outdoor VIM team dug and made wooden steps leading from behind the Worship Center up the gentle slope to the site of the future fire pit and meditation space. You’ll see some photos and a diagram below. (Remember, we own 25 acres, but only about 15 are part of this building program. In a way these steps lead to our own wilderness.)

Bill Yufer and team made 16 wooden benches for the two outside areas. They’ll be put in place at a later date.

Congrats also to the approximately 15 youth team members and their adult leaders who divided into four teams. One team completed painting the main corridor of the North Wing. Another team cleared and chipped limbs and brush to clear the area for the future outdoor amphitheater. The third team put protective webbing to deter deer browsing around the trees we planted earlier in 2019. (photos below). And the fourth team filled holes to level the soccer/baseball fields.

Cheryl Hale, the VIM coordinator, related that one adult volunteer said he had been in rehab for weeks due to back pain and was not sure he’d be able to paint w/o lots of breaks throughout the day. He found he was still going strong when it was time to quit! He returned the next day and worked until he had to leave for his rehab appointment, hoping that he’d be discharged from rehab.

No one has estimated the amount of labor we saved because of these voluntary activities, but everyone who participated can take humble pride in glorifying God, knowing they helped make our Spring Garden Campus more beautiful.

Please take some time to look at the accomplishments.

20191113-01sx Outline of Path to Woods-01_Line
Layout for the steps as of Nov 13, 2019. The blue container holds wood.
Nov 18, 2019. Day one. The Steps being prepared. Note the open blue tarp and all the wood.
20191119-04c Working on steps-closest-01
Nov 19, 2019. Working on the steps. The white items are 5 in insulation for the Worship Center.  In the background, the walls of the sanctuary are going up.
Nov 20, 2019. The final 20 steps.
20191119-08c Paula painting trim-01
Paula Painting around doorframe
20191119-07c Jay and Sam painting tall-01
Jay and Sam tackling the top

Rhonda and Erin practicing new job skills.                               The “empties.”

Clearing brush and chipping wood near the future amphitheatre.
Protecting the young trees from deer. This crew did about 10 trees.  Three metal stakes and a wrap of orange netting.
A budding cameraperson ‘shooting’ the drone hovering nearby.
20191120-10vs-c Rich prepping lunch-01-cropped
“Get yer’ Red Hot wieners before they disappear!” Feeding the hungry, but not with fish.  Note the beautiful layer of stone around the building.  160 hot dogs ‘perished’ in this meal.
20191119-03c Panorama of rear Sanctuary & steps-01
The Sanctuary as it appeared on Nov 19 from the top of the steps.

CUMC Blogpost through Nov 9 2019


New Welcome sign
Our new CUMC Welcome sign at the beginning of the driveway

If you were one of the approximately 120 persons including all ages and mobility abilities who visited the campus during the November 3rd Open House, ( another brisk and beautiful Sunday God gave us as a bonus), you were able to tour both wings to see the inside progress and to learn details from the Building Committee members responsible for their specific areas. You may have stood before the entrance of our future Sanctuary, amazed by its size, and taken with its austere beauty, even as a skeleton. There were many comments about how you were impressed by the size of the Worship Center and the beauty of the campus exterior. I felt it was a very inspiring time.

During this period, exterior work continued on the West Wing, mainly the south wall, which one does not generally see. Also, the Barrel Vault on the Sanctuary has its initial steel covering.  You can see some interesting drone still imagery of this work. 

On the inside, a good deal of interior workwas accomplished in both wings: drywall, electrical lines, window framing, etc. was accomplished.  Sadly, I can’t drone video that.

SIDEBAR.  Prayers, Cards, and Goodies to Spring Garden Campus. A brief word about CUMC’s program to offer Christian hospitality to all who work at the Campus. This Serve ministry is over a year old.  Various groups within CUMC have been sending prayers, thank you messages, and food to the construction and land development workers at SGC.  Many deliverers experienced the warm reception and thankfulness of these we are blessing. “No one has done anything like this before,” is one of the compliments I heard myself.

Last summer Rich Charette and the men of the Thursday Morning Faye’s Breakfast group grilled hot dogs for the Funk and Gleim teams. You can imagine how well that was received! Rich and gang repeated this wonderful United Methodist food ministry later in November and served over 160 wieners, baked beans, etc. to both the paid workers and to the Volunteers in Mission (VIM) team members on Nov 20. Look for some photos of that in a future blogpost.

The Sunbeam and SpARKs children’s choirs, and the LLLC were involved in this ministry. The workers enjoyed the mud cups including gummy worms.

On Nov 6, we delivered for the first time 2 crock pots of hot, piping chicken vegetable soup with crackers and apple cider and other Halloween snack goodies gathered. The workers (including one woman) began to help themselves around 1030. Everyone expressed thanks for what we’re doing, and many looked through a short album of photos showing what things looked like back in August 2018, before any land was turned over. A couple of electrical guys said they were there from the beginning, and one of them (Ernie) showed some photos he took on his phone of the trenching for the electrical conduits back before the end of 2018.

Riveting the roof covering to the ribs on Nov 6, 2019
Another view of the steelworker atop the Sanctuary roof taken Nov 6 2019.
20191106-21vs Steelworker on Sanct Roof-06
Another view of the work on the Sanctuary roof, Nov 6, 2019
The Sanctuary and the Gathering Wings, with initial roofing material on Nov 6, 2019.
Putting insulation on the Exterior of the West Wing, south side, Nov 6, 2019.
Backyard Development-01
Development plan  for our backyard. stairs to firepit, and future Woods Ampitheatre.
20191106-27vs outline of path-01-cropped-lined
Future site for steps to firepit. VIM teams will build these later in November.
20191106-26 John & Ernie-01
John and Ernie, who have been working at SGC since the beginning.
20191106-24c Dusty and Mike-01
Dusty, the head electrician, and Mike Arnold, the FUNK Project Superintendent (and fellow drone pilot.)

October 2019 Spring Garden Campus Progres

Things continued apace at the Spring Garden Campus through October, thanks to weeks of satisfactory weather and some major construction events. With regard to the Worship Center, I could say “the corn is as high as an elephant’s eye.”

The Sanctuary and Gathering space (officially known as Building B) grew significantly this month. The North Gathering area, attaching the North Wing to the Sanctuary, will house the reception office and conference room a playroom and nursery, and family restrooms. The West Gathering area, connecting the Sanctuary and the West Wing will be the home for the Chapel, an open café area, and the Kitchen.

Internally, the MEPS (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) continues in the North Wing, along with Gypsum Wallboard installation. The sprinkler system is also going in. Similar work was done in the West Wing areas.

At the Church Hall meeting on October 13, 2019, we learned that the construction program is back on schedule, having regained the two weeks lost earlier to weather. We also learned that our Capital Campaign I is doing very well, and the staff is gearing up for the second campaign to begin early next year.  As of the end of September 2019, the campaign showed $3,502,864 committed from 340 families.  That is 83% of the goal.

To me, however, the most satisfying accomplishment during October was the erection of the distinctive Sanctuary. By the end of October, most of the Sanctuary structure was in place. The Sanctuary roof steel is now in place and the rafters and purlins are welded together. (Rafters are the vertical parts. Purlins are the horizontal steel beams.)

The North Wing received all of its exterior coating of five inches of white foam insulation. The workers are following closely with spreading on the white and tan Dryvit material on top of it. The West Wing is also being insulated now, prior to Dryvit coating.

I saw the men erecting the steel ribs for the vault this past week I want you to pay attention to the steelworker and let it remind you to pray every morning for worker safety and cooperation of all those working onsite at the Spring Garden Campus.

I wish there was a way to share some of the drone video showing the sanctuary steel work. The crane lifts a rib and two men ‘catch’ it and put it in place. While the crane holds the weight of the rib, first one, and then the other welder attaches their end to the roof.

Our Building Committee Interior Team continues working with the and pastors, worship leader, and church staff to identify what furniture and equipment will transfer to SGC, what items need to be ordered in advance, not to mention the dozens of other interior details for each room and hallway — more stuff than I care to imagine. I can attest that they are as busy as ‘one-armed wallpaper hangers.’

Purlins on Sanctuary Roof Oct 2, 2019
Preparing to lift another Roof Truss. Oct 2, 2019. Note the roof rafters on the North and West Gathering areas.                                                                                                                          North Gathering                           Entrance              West Gathering 






20191005-01c Sanctuary roof from ground-01
Sanctuary Roof from the Parking Lot on Oct 4 2019. Note that all trusses are in place as well as the purlins.
20191005-01c Sanctuary roof from ground-01
Sanctuary Roof from the Parking Lot on Oct 4 2019. Note that all trusses are in place as well as the purlins.
20191015-92p Sanctuary skeleton from ground-01
Sanctuary skeleton from the ground, Oct 15, 2019. You can just make out the slope up to the Chancel/Stage at about the third truss.
Setting Roof Truss Oct 2, 2019.  Note the two cables holding the truss and the         Yellow-hatted worker below guiding it into position.
“Welder” (not Fiddler) on the Roof Oct 9, 2019
East side of North Wing with coats of Dryvit. The open area will be a LLLC playground. Note the gap at the bottom of the walls. Pay attention in Next Month’s Blog
This is what the North side of the Sanctuary roof looked like on Oct 9, 2019.       Awaiting Roof insulation and covering, the Sanctuary Walls, and the vault.
The start of the 5 inch insulation starting on the lower left corner of the Youth Wing over the “Air Superiority Blue” sealant on the West face of the West Wing on October 9, 2019.  Note the piles of insulation to the lower left, the HVAC unit on the roof, and the arched entrance.
                Applying Dryvit on a section or the LLLC on Oct 15, 2019.                                                      Note the two arched entrances and the HVAC units.                 
20191015-06vs Sanctuary Roof detail-01
Sanctuary Roof Detail with all trusses and purlins in place.  Awaiting covering and the vault on Oct 15, 2019.
West Wing Exterior overview showing nearly all the 5″ insulation in place, the arched roofs, and the HVAC units atop the Adult area on Oct 15, 2019.
20191015-89p Inside Youth-01
Inside the Youth area Oct 16, 2019. Note the ceiling insulation at left, and other metalwork.
20191015-92p Sanctuary skeleton from ground-01
Sanctuary skeleton from the ground, Oct 15, 2019. You can just make out the slope up to the Chancel/Stage at about the third truss.
20191023-01vs Detail of Vault structure-01
On Oct 23, 2019, the first of the arches forming the Vault Dome are welded in place. We will see them from inside the Sanctuary. If you look closely at the nearest arch, you can make out steelworkers welding the ends of the arch.
20191023-03vs Steelworkers on Vault framing-02
Another view of the three arches so far on Oct 23, 2019, and a slightly better view of the steelworker on this side. The long rectangle at his waist will be the windows at the top of the vault dome and will be open for light.
A number of ribs awaiting their place on our roof.  I wonder if we could get a Lego* kit of our Spring Garden Campus. Imagine how much fun that would be assembling it!!  I don’t think these ribs will take either a Memphis dry rub or a Kansas City wet one.
One more shot of the steelworker welding a rib in place.  Please pray daily for all who are building our new Worship Center.
20191025-jer-s Vault roof ribs-01
Ground View of partially completed Vault dome Oct 25, 2019.  Compare to the view on Oct 15.
Entrance to LLLC on Oct 25, 2019. Note doors also. Also note the gap between the ground and the Dryvit. Watch for it!!
Another view of the North face of the LLLC.with Dryvit and some windows installed on Oct 25, 2019. The foreground area will be an extension of the parking lot.
A SGC Overview on Oct 25, 2019. Observe the Dryvit completion on the West face of the North Wing, and just the beginning on the West Wing. Observe the crane over the Sanctuary working on the roof.
Spring Garden Campus overview on Oct 29, 2019. Note the progress on the West Wing exterior, and the complete vault ribs (I think there are 36). This is 9 days after the Open House.
Oct 29, 2019 closeup of Sanctuary skeleton roof. Awaiting the roof covering. Watch for changes in November.  (Maybe there are only 35 ribs.)

September 2019 Activities at the CUMC Spring Garden Campus

Despite the rain of late August, the Contractors and their subcontractors got a lot of work completed.  The most visible exterior activities at the Spring Garden Campus in September were the covering of the exterior walls with Dryvit, completing other roof segments where the two wings join the Gathering area, and the arrival of the steel to build the Sanctuary.  Other things one noticed were the installation of windows and doors, and putting the arched roofs over the entrance doors to the North Wing,

The Interior buildout is rapidly ramping up with HVAC ductwork, electrical wiring, plumbing, insulation, and all the interior walls and doorways for the rooms in the North Wing.  Also, more floors were poured and polished in the West Wing.

The Interior team worked on identifying cabinetry and ensuring compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regarding counter height.  The grass areas of the campus are now being mowed regularly by a team of volunteers.  A mowing takes more than two hours and includes some tricky slopes.  Mike Landis expects we will continually need to mow these several acres through the end of October, at least.

I learned from Mike Arnold that the sanctuary walls and roof are prefabricated.  Five trucks delivered components to the site on the 25th of September.  Mike expects that the steelworkers will begin erecting the walls and Sanctuary roof in early October.  

20190912-01s Sanctuary & Gathering-01
    Roofing the North Gathering area and applying Dryvit to North Wing. Sanctuary on Sep 12,2019
20190912-05s SGC Campus Oview-02
             Spring Garden Campus Overview Sep 12, 2019. Note that most of the parking lot is curbed
20190912-13s Exterior Storage Pad-01
Exterior Storage Pad for equipment building Sep 12, 2019
20190912-15s Installing DRIVIT on N Wing East side-02
Applying Dryvit to North Wing rear area Sep 12, 2019
20190912-17s Setting Steel Roof Gathering-01
Setting Roof Steel for North Gathering Sep 12, 2019
Sanctuary with vertical steel members lying in the Nave and the Chancel/Stage on Sep 25, 2019
Applying final outer coating to North Wing on Sep 25, 2019. The cluttered area will be a outdoor playground for LLLC.
The Exterior Storage Pad poured and cabling covered on Sep 25, 2019.
Erecting Sanctuary wall steel framing Sep 30, 2019. Pay attention to how swiftly the Sanctuary takes shape in the next blog.