Video of Congregational Info Session #3

If you were unable to attend either of the Congregational Info Sessions held on June 11, 2017, the sessions were videotaped and you are welcome to view them by clicking on the feed below.  The powerpoint used during the sessions is available on the preceding blog post of June 12, 2017.


Congregational Info Session #3 – 06/11/17

The Building Committee held our third Congregational Info Session yesterday morning at 945AM and again at 1100AM.  The Powerpoint below was used to provide updates on:  the design of our new facility on the Spring Garden Campus; our construction budget versus estimated costs; the repurposing of our existing facility; and the Community Campus at Smith Farm.   We also explored POSSIBLE exterior finish elements that could be incorporated plus provided a first look at the new building in three dimensions with some of these POSSIBLE elements included.  Additional info sessions have been scheduled for July 16 and August 20 to continue providing updated design and budget information as the design progresses though the summer months.  Dates for our two congregational votes were also announced as September 24 and January 28, each preceded the week prior (September 17 and January 21 respectively) with combined worship and full congregational info sessions to prepare everyone with all the information necessary for each vote.  These pre-vote sessions will both be attended by our architect and general contractor to assist in answering questions.

Session #3 Powerpoint for BC Blog.061117