Congregational Info Session #7 – 011418

The Building Committee held our 7th Congregational Info Session this past Sunday January 14 at both 945AM and 1100AM.  Updates on the land development process were provided along with an overview of our final Phase 1 building footprint of 61,370 SF.   A summary of the September 2017 congregational survey options were reviewed with the corresponding results of what will be included in Phase 1 versus delayed for a later phase of construction or potentially reduced in scope in order to stay within our Phase 1 budget constraints.

The major change within the final Phase 1 footprint was the reorientation of the youth space, childrens’ space and gym, with these segments of the building all turned 90 degrees from their previous layout and aligned side by side.  A family restroom was added off the gathering area, several of the LLLC rooms are now designated to be shared by the church nursery on Sunday mornings, and the depiction of storage areas throughout the building are now better defined.  Some restrooms have been reduced in size or eliminated to lower costs, and the beginning considerations for ceiling and flooring finish options were presented.

Andrew Reese graciously videotaped the 945AM presentation for us.  A link to that video is available on the CUMC website.  The powerpoint used during this presentation may be viewed by clicking on the following link.  Session #7 Powerpoint for BC Blog.011418


Carlisle Borough Council Approves our Final Land Development Plans!!

At last evening’s Carlisle Borough Council meeting our land development plans for the Spring Garden Campus received final unanimous approval!   This completes the necessary approval process with the Borough, and gets us part way towards breaking ground for our new facility late this coming summer.

To their credit, the Borough conceded several points along the way as we in turn compromised to reach this point in the process.  The Borough agreed to a 30-foot width for East Baltimore Street as opposed to the traditional 36-foot width, waived the requirement for street trees, and likewise agreed to our proposal to install sidewalk on only the south side of East Baltimore Street and its culdesac that we must build.  They also agreed to our waiver request regarding the slope of our driveway as it meets the culdesac in terms of sight distance (which helps us minimize costly rock excavation) and approved our waiver request that these land development plans be considered both preliminary and final at the same time.

Several potential issues that concerned us from the beginning of our land development process were avoided in their entirety.  These included a potential upgrade of the East Pomfret Street / South Spring Garden Street traffic signal; a potential sight distance issue to the south of the East Baltimore Street / South Spring Garden Street intersection; and possible storm water management improvements at this same intersection as it will receive an increased volume of water resulting from our building East Baltimore Street and its culdesac.  The potential cost to the church of the above exceeded $250,000; thus we thank God that such issues have been avoided!

A final request we are making to the Borough is the waiving of a one-time “Recreation Fee”.  This fee is based upon acreage, and in our case is estimated at $1,600.  We believe the fee should be waived because we are doing no development whatsoever on the Borough portion of our property with the exception of building East Baltimore Street ON BEHALF OF the Borough.