As we celebrate the birth of our Savior this Advent season, we can likewise finally celebrate the birth of our Spring Garden Campus of CUMC!!  At approximately 430PM on December 12, 2016, our settlement with Jeff & Barb Smith was concluded resulting in another new beginning for CUMC!  Pictured above to the left are Jeff Rehmeyer and Tina Gingerich of CGA Law representing CUMC along with Jeff Barnes, and on the right Barb Smith, Jeff Smith and their attorney Steve Tiley.  A cake was shared following the settlement on which was appropriately inscribed “FOLLOW GOD…..BUILD!”

Cumberland Valley Business Journal

The Cumberland Valley Business Journal publication on November 23, 2016 highlighted an article about the work of CAEDC and the reuse of our facility.   See the entire article using this link: caedcarticle112316