CUMC Blogpost 26 Jan 2020

From Jeff Barnes, CUMC Building Committee Chair, January 25, 2020:

Construction progress at SGC remains steady and on target for a late May completion.  Exterior finish work is ongoing thanks to mild January weather, and all concrete floors within the building have been completed with no need to implement expensive cold weather concrete procedures.  

Special thanks go out to Mike Arnold and Dusty Motter, Foremen for Arthur Funk & Sons and CV Services Electric, respectively.  Mike and Dusty have been constantly on the lookout for ways to improve our new building, plus save us money, and we have implemented many of their excellent suggestions along the way.  God is good!

20191106-24c Dusty and Mike-01-crop

                                                               Dusty and Mike

Overview Most of the work done this past week at the Spring Garden Campus was done indoors. This included extensive work on ceilings, lighting, and HVAC vents, particularly in the North Wing, which contains the future Little Lights Learning Center and the future CUMC offices. In the West Gathering area, the café and kitchen were framed with metal studding and are beginning to receive plumbing and electrical wiring.

Outside Progress. There are no images of exterior activity this week primarily because nothing significant has changed. The roofers did cover the curved entrance overhang to the LLLC this week (Photo next week).

Work on completing the barrel vault is on hold until the subcontractor responsible for the entrance completes installation of the windows and hid equipment is clear of the area. Then, weather permitting, the roofers can get back to completing the copper-tones cladding and the rest of the barrel vault. This was anticipated, and I’m told should not set anything behind schedule.

Interior Progress. The big news this week is the completion of the side ramps from the worship center floor to the stage. On Jan 24, 2020, the concrete contractor poured the two ramps leading from the Worship center main floor to the stage. As Jeff said, this is the last of the scheduled pours for the inside.

Smoothing the Left Ramp Jan 24, 2020

20200124-08c Smoothing Right Ramp-01

Smoothing the Right Ramp Jan 24, 2020

The Gym continues toward completion with all the trades active (plumbing, electric, HVAC, painting, etc.)

         Jan 23, 2020.  Wiring the Gym       Gym Ductwork and boxes of ceiling tiles 

Here’s a look inside the future chapel, located just off the West Gathering. It will make more sense when the walls are up and painted.

20200123-03c Inside the Future Chapel-01Inside the Future Chapel on Jan 24, 2020

 The Future Kitchen and Café are beginning to receive electrical and plumbing components. John, one of the electricians working on the kitchen told me that the kitchen is one of the most complex areas of the entire building, because of all the utilities involved for the appliances and sinks, etc. He believes it will look more like a café and kitchen by next week.

20200124-11c Future Cafe-01-crop - CopyThe Future Café on Jan 24, 2020

In the North Gathering, the future playroom now has a glass front and double doors.

20200123-10c Entrance to Playroom-01Entrance to Playroom Off the North Gathering on Jan 23, 2020

It was fascinating looking at all the scissors lifts active in the worship center. The team on the left was doing window frames around the clerestory. The other three appeared to be constructing framing around the steel beams of the Worship Center ceiling, to create the finished ceiling.

20200124-10c 4 scissors lifts and ceiling-01 - CopyScissors lifts and ceiling Jan 24, 2020.  The Stage is to the right, and the Entrance to the left.

The framing of the wall between the stage and backstage was also added this week.

20200124-15c Stage back wall-01The wall between the Stage and Backstage,  Jan 24, 2020.  The Entrance is left.

To get a better idea of all the framing that’s involved, look at this photo taken from the stage and looking toward the entrance. I’m sure in a few months this will look much more appealing.

20200124-16c WC Ceiling looking to Entrance-01

                                 Looking from the Stage through the Worship Center toward the Entrance Jan 24, 2020.

Finally, one can get a sense of coming to completion in the LLLC and office areas. The ceilings all appear to be completed, with flush ceiling fluorescent lights, HVAC vents, and ceiling tile.

LLLC classrooms and reception area, Jan 23, 2020.

Here’s a little reminder that some of the building material remnants must be sacrificed to produce the right results.

20200123-21c Piles of waste-01-crop

Piles of waste material Jan 23, 2020

How far have we come?  This is a shot of the campus on Sep 12, 2019, two months after the open house, pictured in last week’s blog.

  SGC Campus Oview Sep 12, 201920190912-04s SGC Campus Oview-01

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CUMC Blogpost 2020 Nr 2 for 12 – 18 Jan 2020

I am very happy to sound like a broken record! Noticeable progress continues both inside and outside at the Spring Garden Campus. Thanks to the building now being enclosed by glass or plastic, the inside is a very comfortable work environment. The steps connecting the sanctuary space to the stage were poured this week.

20200117-08L View across Stage to North-01-cropped

A view across the newly poured stage and the steps looking Stage Left

Next week the contractor will pour the side ramps from the ground floor to the stage, completing all the interior cement work.  In the North Wing, the LLLC rooms have doors and appropriate walls and half walls. Here are two views of the main entrance doors:

               Main Entrance to LLLC.    LLLC Entrance with doors from inside Jan 17, 2020

Lighting and HVAC are in place in most of the LLLC and office spaces, and more painting was completed.  All the windows as well as all exterior doors are in place . Floor finishes, cabinetry, and the base molding are yet to be completed.

In the West Wing, you can identify the framework for the future chapel and the coffee bar.


Framework for the future chapel.                  Framework for the future café,                                                                    all in the West Gathering

The entrance continues to be formed. Here are two views, from outside and inside. Imagine a large cross in this framework.  These were taken Jan 17,2020

Looking toward the entrance                           View of the entrance from inside

Mike Landis took a photo of the beginning of framing around the steel roof beams in the Sanctuary and Gathering Areas.

20200117-07L Sanctuary North ceiling-01_LI

Sanctuary north side ceiling. Note the beginning of a framework around the steel rafters.  Taken Jan 17, 2020

Fortunately, most days have been good enough for exterior work. The barrel vault now sports copper-toned cladding over the rear 2/3 of the roof. It is NOT copper, so it will not turn green. Nonetheless, it looks very distinctive. The front third still has only insulation for now. The roofers focused on the clerestory this week. The section over the stage appears finished and covered. The front portion over the Sanctuary and Entrance is being outfitted with window frames. The roofers are also making sure all these parts are sealed and connected with the sloping roofs on either side of the barrel vault.

20200116 05c WC Roof closed in-02

The Barrel Vault nearly completely covered on Jan 16, 2020.  The closed portion of the clerestory is over the stage and backstage.  The windows are over the Sanctuary and Gathering.

And here, the roofers are beginning to form the cladding for the four entrances with domed coverings, two on North Wing, and two on West Wing.

20200116-03c Bending roofing -03 crop

Bending cladded roofing. Note the completed ‘shingle’ to the right

The Interior Team continues very busy on the fourth or fifth revision to the final plan for cabinetry. The Funk coordinator has expressed great and continued admiration for the attention to detail and comprehensive reviews the Team has provided.  They are also coordinating on selecting new chairs for the sanctuary.

Let’s also take time to give kudos to Jeff Barnes and Mike Landis. They have been on-site almost daily, engaging the Funk and Gleim leadership, and using their professional education and many years of church and general construction experience, plus extensive knowledge of local government and federal regulations relevant to this project to ensure its success. Please thank them whenever you see them.

As I write this, the Saturday afternoon snow continues. I thought it would be a good idea to look back six months to our Open House in July 2019. Here are a couple of images of that day.


20190714-01v SGC Open House-01
Spring Garden Campus Open House July 14, 2019 looking southwest.  You can just make out the curve in future sanctuary floor where it joins the stage.
20190714-01v O'all SGG -01
Spring Garden Campus Open House July 14, 2019 looking northeast.

And by the way, as of Dec 31, 2019, $3,169,239 has been received for Capital Campaign 1. That’s 91.5% of the commitments made and a WONDERFUL God-inspired outpouring of our love for this program.

Next week we’ll talk about move planning and our own woodworking team.






CUMC Blogpost 31 Dec 2019 – 11 Jan 2020

Welcome to the first CUMC Building Committee Blogpost of 2020.  After you read this, please do me a favor. Introduce the Blogpost to anyone you meet. Encourage them to log in and even sign up for every update through email. After all, this is a story worth telling, and a building program blessed by God for the future of His Kingdom in Carlisle

The contractor teams made very noticeable progress from the end of 2019 through the first two weeks of 2020. Work continued inside and outside, despite some occasional difficult weather.

Overview: Here are four images taken on Jan 10, 2020, of the overall Spring Garden Campus. You can see the inch or two of snow around most places.


Spring Garden Campus parking lots and fields looking west on Jan 10, 2020


The West Wing on Jan 10, 2020.  Note the two curved entrance roofs and the installed garage doors at the Youth area.


Both Wings and Sanctuary on Jan 10, 2020.  Note the partly completed Barrel Vault.  At the Left is the LLLC curved main entrance which will also be covered in the curved copper-colored cladding.


This image of the main entrance and the North and West Gathering areas shows where windows are installed (North Gathering), and where plastic covers the openings on the West Gathering, where the Chapel will be.  The entire front of the sanctuary is encased in plastic with a wooden door at the extreme right.  The Barrel Vault is partly clad.  The forward section shows the insulation awaiting the cladding.  

20200106-11c Cladding Preps-09

Three workers guide a flat piece of cladding through the blue machine, which curves and puts a lip on the cladding. Each piece is prepared by hand, then lifted to the roof for installation.


Metal workers installing the cladding on the Barrel Vault.  Each is strapped to a safety rig.  The white area to the left is five inch insulation.

The Equipment Shed.  This shows the prefab kit that became the equipment building. It was erected on Jan 7, 2020 on the concrete pad behind the North Wing.

20191227-03c buffing Sanctuary Floor-01-crop

Interior Progress. As we closed out 2019, the Sanctuary floor was poured, cured, and buffed. Most of it will be covered in carpet, so the concrete surface does not need to be up to the same standards as a polished concrete floor.

20191231-01s Gym partial paint-01

The Gym is still under development with all the trades active (plumbing, electric, HVAC, painting, etc.)

20200110-06c Sanctuary Vault-01

You can see the interior insulation on the Sanctuary ceiling, as well as the inspirational natural light. This was taken just after noonday in mid-winter.

20200110-07c Sanctuary Steps-04

The three curved steps between the main floor and the stage were recently poured and are curing. In the next week, the contractor plans to pour the side ramps and the stage & backstage. I believe that will complete the interior cement work.

20200110-07c North Gathering Framework-01

The two Gathering Areas are receiving metal studding and initial electrical, plumbing, and HVAC treatments. Right now, it looks like a maze without the walls and doors in place.

Interior rooms are getting doors and locks.  And, both wings continue to be worked on by the interior trades: electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and painting.  I intend to get visuals of the interior work in the near future. 

It would be remiss of me if I failed to note important work that doesn’t lend itself to dramatic imagery.  The Interiors team continues very active and engaged with contractors to ensure things like cabinetry, shelf heights, colors, flooring, door hardware, etc. are what is intended.  They are also involved with the Moving Committee to identify what moves to the campus and to where it exactly goes in the new building, AND where it comes from.  We have a sizeable amount of furniture stored away from CUMC.  The task is probably not as complicated as the Normandy Invasion, but it ranks up there, I imagine.

Next Blog?  More exterior and interior imagery, PLUS, a look at others on the Building Committee who are ensuring everything works out correctly.

Again, please introduce the Blog to someone new!!

Spring Garden Campus Aug 2018 – Dec 2019

Your Obedient Apprentice Blogger humbly submits the history in pictures of the Spring Garden Campus. Owing to the limitations on our WordPress subscription, only still images can be displayed, so I cannot show you the exciting overfly of the campus and especially the barrel vault. You’ll just have to settle for an old pilot’s hand-waving.

The photos are is chronological order and uncaptioned. If you have questions, please contact me at

August 2018 through January 2019

180824-03 Current signDCIM100MEDIADJI_0068.JPG

January 2019 thru July (Open House) 2019

August – September 2019

October – November 2019

December 2019

On Friday, December 27, The contractor team poured and smoothed the Sanctuary floor.  One more pour remains:  the chancel/Stage, and the side ramps and the steps around the front of the Chancel.

May these photos encourage you and affirm that God is leading this adventure. And inside six months, we’ll be Worshipping, Growing, Connecting, and Serving in our new Worship Center.

Save this space >> A Year in Pictures

Dear Friends of CUMC Building Committee Blogs,

It is my hope to present before Year’s end a collage of images, culled from the imagery archives, to show a brief timeline of site progress since the beginning of video history.  You can encourage me in this by responding to this blogmessage,


CUMC Blogpost December 24, 2019

T’was the noonday before Christmas, and all through the site

The work crews were hustling with all of their might

To finish their jobs and get out of sight

To get home to their families for this special night.

No Scrooge to harass them for shirking their stations.

Only thanks and grateful appreciation

For what’s been accomplished and for the celebration

They’ll have with their loved ones and other relations


Won’t you please join me in praying tonight

For all of the people who work at our site,

For their safety, well-being, and moments to see

That they’re part of a miracle: a church that will be

A blessing to many, a place to worship



181213-09v pre-blast-8-freeze
January 18, 2019 Pre-blasting

Look at what’s been accomplished just this year

Dec 6 2019 Spring Garden Campus

CUMC Blogpost for 21 Dec 2010

Progress continued both inside and outside this week. Despite the heavy rains, high winds, and bitter daytime temperatures outdoor and indoor construction continued.

Outside Activity. The roofing folks prepared the barrel vault for its blanket of insulation. This must be completed before the copper-toned final topping can be applied.

The main entrance to the LLLC now has windows in place framing the to-be-installed doors.

20191218-05c LLLC Entrance-05
LLLC Main Entrance Dec 18 2019

And the North and West Gathering areas now have their window framework in place and are awaiting glass installation.

North and West Gatherings on Dec 6, 2019


20191218-10c North Gathering Window Frames-01-crop
North Gathering on Dec 18, 2019. Note the window framing


20191218-09c West Gathering-window frames-01-crop
West Gathering windows on Dec 18 2019. Again, note the window framing.
20191218-07c North side Sanctuary-02
North Side Sanctuary and the LLLC play area on Dec 18 2019

The future Little Lights play area is still muddy. And if it wasn’t liquid, it probably was frozen for a time.

Interior Progress. The Sanctuary floor now has the stone base ready for a concrete pour that Mike hopes will happen after Christmas. This is weather dependent, and subcontractor dependent. I believe the pour will be in three stages with time for curing in between. First the Nave (where the congregation sits) will be poured. This will connect the Nave with the Gathering wings. Then the contractor will pour the chancel/stage area. And finally, they will do a finish pour for the Nave.

Mike Arnold is working toward getting the Worship Center under roof and ‘buttoned up’ so they can make progress over the winter months.

Meanwhile, the Interiors team continued to iron out discrepancies between what the architect presumed and what the contractor says is available. I did notice plumbing fixtures in the LLLC area and presume they will be installed. I don’t know when gas, water and sewer will be connected, but I suspect that’s awaiting the sealing of the building.

The site will shut down at noon on the 24th and reopen on Thursday, December 26. I urge you to continue to pray for all who work at the campus and for a spectacular finish for the first Capital Campaign.

Don’t expect another blog until January 2020. A blessed Christmas to you, and prayers for all who work to make Spring Garden Campus a reality.