Carlisle Borough Council Approves Smith Farm Subdivision Plan

This past Thursday August 11 we achieved another milestone as Carlisle Borough Council unanimously approved our Subdivision Plan without comment.  We are now completed with Carlisle Borough until we submit a Land Development Plan in 2017.


At long last, this past Monday August 8, 2016 our “Real Estate Sale and Purchase Agreement” for CUMC to purchase 25.37 acres of Smith Farm was finalized and signed by CUMC and the Smith family.  With the signing of this agreement, CUMC paid a deposit of $25,000 towards the total purchase price of $1,141,650.  This deposit will be held in escrow pending settlement on the property.  Settlement will occur following final approval of the submitted Subdivision Plan which separates the CUMC tract from the balance of the farm and details the required improvements to East Baltimore Street that will serve as our primary access point to the property.  Both the Borough of Carlisle and South Middleton Township, together with Cumberland County and the PADEP, must grant their approvals of the subdivision plan, which is anticipated to occur by the end of October 2016.