Organizational Meeting – May 24 2016

Last night CUMC Building Committee met for the first time.  Under the leadership of Jeff Barnes the team started off the night getting to know each other and then learning their assignments for Building Teams.  Each BC Member will be responsible for 1-2 Building Teams. CUMC members and friends are needed on each team to help get all the work done!  A list of building teams with brief description will be posted on the website encouraging folks to get involved.  The group also learned the latest on the continued work on the subdivision plan of the Smith Farm property and conversations with Carlisle Borough and South Middleton Township supervisors.  Home was given out to review websites of potential General Contractors and Architects before the next meeting.  As the meeting wrapped up 2.5 hours later, Ryan shared “I have to say, I am just so excited about all this work and building a church.”  Lots of work ahead, but lots of excitement for the permanent facility for CUMC and seeking where God is leading us on this journey.                                         Mira Hewlett