At long last we have fulfilled all requirements of subdividing our portion of Smith Farm, and are ready for settlement which will occur on Monday December 12, 2016.  Following settlement we can begin to refer to our new 25-acre site as the “Spring Garden Campus” of CUMC.  As we celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow, lets all give thanks to God for leading us to Smith Farm and blessing CUMC with the ability to purchase this property.


Our Building Committee and Leadership Council are pleased to jointly announce that we have chosen our architect and general contractor for our new facility at Smith Farm. Following a total of 17 hours of interviews with 4 architectural firms and 3 general contractors, we have selected Waldon Studio Architects of Columbia, MD and Arthur Funk & Sons, Inc of Lebanon, PA to form our design and construction team.

 waldon-logo  waldon-ravi   waldon-christa  waldon-andrew   waldon-amy

Pictured above are Ravi Waldon, Christa Kerrigan, Andrew Beyea and Amy Markle. Each is a licensed staff architect who will work with us as a team, and Amy will additionally serve as Interior Designer.  Pictured below are Bob Funk, Ken Funk, Nathan Fry and Mike Arnold.  Bob and Ken are licensed professional engineers who will serve as construction project managers, Nathan will be our estimator and building code expert, and Mike will serve as construction superintendent.

 funk-logo  funk-bob   funk-ken  funk-nathan  funk-mike

Both firms bring a wealth of church experience to us blended with a Christian approach to their work in conjunction with a focus towards designing for the Millenial and Centennial generations. During December we will formalize contracts with these firms and commence design of the new Carlisle United Methodist Church in early January.

 dawood-logo  dawood-tom

Additionally we have selected Dawood Engineering of Enola, PA to continue working with us as Civil Engineer for Land Development. Pictured above is Tom Godfrey, a professional engineer who has completed our Subdivision Plan and represented us well before the Borough of Carlisle and South Middleton Township.  Tom is also a United Methodist and actively involved at Zion UMC in York, PA under the pastoral leadership of Bruce Fensterbush.


CAEDC Begins Due Diligence of Current CUMC Facility

As detailed in today’s issue of the Carlisle Sentinel, CAEDC is publicly moving forward with their plans for the repurposing of our current facility.  To that end, last Friday we met with CAEDC and their architect, Murray Associates of Harrisburg, for a detailed tour of our facility and transfer of all design / construction drawings and specifications related to our campus.  We are once again blessed by those who have come before us in that we have full detailed drawings of the 1965 education wing addition of the building, some structural drawings of the 1919 sanctuary addition, and complete drawings of the entire campus on a floor by floor basis related to the 2001 multipurpose room addition.  Likewise, today, the electronic files of all drawings related to the 2001 addition were provided to CAEDC and Murray Associates on our behalf through the architect/engineer that designed that addition, David Black Associates of Chambersburg.

MANY churches have little if any of this information available for their buildings, as most often it is lost as years go by, especially before the days of electronic files.  In the case of Allison, First and Grace, we are the exceptions, in that we had drawings available for all of these buildings to share with the future owners thanks to the diligence and stewardship of the respective Trustee Boards that have preceded us.  Needless to say this is of great benefit to all who are continuing and will continue to use these facilities that have served us so well.

Smith Farm Subdivision Plan Recorded

Today we were notified that our Subdivision Plan has been recorded in Cumberland County.  This means that the plan is finally “official”, and we can now move forward towards settlement on our 25.37 acres with Jeff & Barb Smith.  There are several details remaining to be cared for, including waiting for the appeal period to expire in mid-November, but we anticipate our settlement will occur in the first half of December 2016.  God is good!!