Site Work Construction Continues……..Slowly


The above photos were taken late last week and will give you an idea of the early beginnings of what our site will ultimately look like.  Needless to say, progress has been slow given all the wet weather we’ve experienced this fall, and the forecast snow for tomorrow will not help matters!  Nonetheless, work continues each day that weather permits and relatively speaking a good amount has been accomplished.

If you look closely at the first photo you’ll see that all the required clearing of trees has occurred along the northern property line (towards Giant on the left side of the photo) such that the trees we planted this past spring are now visible.  Our site work contractor, JW Gleim Excavating, graciously used their equipment to also clear out around our new trees as another donation to our project.  Likewise, they will be leaving us a large pile of mulch resulting from the trees that were cleared onsite and subsequently chipped.  We’ll place this mulch around all our new trees next spring.

Also visible in the first photo is the initial outline of our driveway which has been stripped of topsoil in preparation for grading.  Look for the darker line of soil between our northern tree line and the line of our still standing (GRRRRR!) utility poles in the photo – that is the alignment of our future driveway.  [About those existing utility poles – they are FINALLY to be totally removed by PPL the week of December 10].

In the distance in the exact center of the second photo is our building location that has also been cleared of trees.  It’s difficult to see in this photo, but you at least get the sense of where the building will be positioned in relationship to the driveway and the initial shape-in of the storm water basins in the foreground of the second photo.  Our ballfields will be located where the piles of mulch are currently sitting in this photo, and the parking lot will be between the ballfields and the building.

The third photo illustrates the continuation of our shallow storm water basins, and the berm being constructed by the bulldozer in the distance is shaping in a channel at the southern edge of our property that will direct storm water into the basin.  The small precast concrete structure on the right side of the third photo is the outlet of the basin which is connected to recently buried piping installed through an easement off our property for several hundred yards to an existing catch basin along South Spring Garden Street.  All of that piping has been installed and backfilled which represented a sizable amount of work that is no longer visible.

In the meantime, and as the site work continues, we’re waiting upon South Middleton Township to complete their final review of our architectural, structural, plumbing and mechanical (HVAC) drawings (electrical drawings already approved) followed by the issuance of our building permit; completing the design of the entry courtyard; and have begun ordering AVL (audio / video / lighting) equipment in order to avoid 2019 price increases as well as potential tariffs on this type of incoming equipment from China.

Please continue to pray for everyone working on our site and involved with our project plus everyone contributing to our capital campaign.  An amazing amount of work continues to go on daily behind the scenes to make a large project like ours happen, and continuing to undergird this entire project with prayer is critically important!!  Thank you!!