CUMC Receives a WONDERFUL Package!!

Storm Water PermitThis morning I received an email from our church secretary, Johanna, that a box from JCPenney arrived for me via UPS.  Johanna rightly assumed I might have ordered a gift for my beloved spouse, and in order to keep it a secret had it delivered to CUMC.  Having indeed done just that in the past, I quickly scanned my aged memory bank for important dates – Sue’s birthday, our anniversary, our daughters birthdays, etc to see why such a package had arrived…..but nothing registered.  So instead I chalked it up to something my better half had ordered, and went about my day.

This afternoon Sue brought home the box which is pictured above.  Clearly it’s been heavily used before with many layers of old tape and torn off labels that only added to the mystery.  Judging from the condition of the box, I quickly assumed that there must be some mistake from whomever sent me the package at the church address.

Well, remember the old adage “Don’t judge a book by its cover“?  I learned today that likewise, don’t judge the contents of a package by the box in which it is sent!  Because inside this ratty old and wornout box…….was our long awaited STORM WATER PERMIT for the Spring Garden Campus from PADEP!!

What a WONDERFUL surprise received in such an unexpected package (I guess somewhere in there we can say that’s our tax dollars at work using recycled packaging???)!!  Originally submitted for County and State review before Thanksgiving in November 2017, six (6) months later, almost to the day, arrives our permit that now FINALLY enables us to move forward with the land development permitting process with South Middleton Township.

For those of you who might have interest in what such a permit looks like (or need some help getting to sleep), you may click on the link below which is only the beginning of the full document contained in a bulging 2″ thick binder.

NPDES Permit.052318

A final note with regard to God’s perfect timing.  As I began writing today’s blog post, I happened to scroll back to the beginning of this CUMC Building Committee blog which Pastor Mira initiated for us to document the first meeting of the CUMC BC……on May 24, 2016……EXACTLY two(2) years to the day of today as we receive the gift of this long awaited permit!  To God be the glory!! 


Harrisburg District Board of Church Location Approves Final Building Plans & Financial Plan

Yesterday (May 7) Pastor Jim, Pastor Mira and I went before the United Methodist Conference Harrisburg District Board of Church Location and Building to present our final building plans and financial plan for the Spring Garden Campus. It is a requirement of our United Methodist Discipline that we receive the approval / endorsement of this board prior to proceeding with our project.  The Board is comprised of 10 persons including our District Superintendent Barry Robison, and is one-half clergy and one-half lay persons.  The primary purpose of this Board is to act as the eyes and ears of the Bishop to review building and parsonage projects predominantly from the financial perspective.  Thus its role is not to critique what a church plans to do, but to offer advice along the way and ensure that the overall financial plan to pay for the project in total is sound.

We received unanimous approval of our preliminary project plans from this same Board back in September, and yesterday we again received unanimous approval of our final project plans.  The Board is very excited for us and wishes to be kept updated along the way, not because it is a requirement, but simply because they are so interested in watching our progress.  During our discussion we realized it has been 20+ years since the last totally new church build occurred within the south central PA portion of our Conference.  Thus there are many eyes upon us (in a positive way!) as we continue moving forward in faith to further God’s kingdom here in Carlisle.