Congregational Info Session 4-22-18


The 9th Congregational Info Sessions were held by the Building Committee this past Sunday April 22, 2018.  Attended by 155 persons, these sessions focused on some design and permitting updates for our Spring Garden Campus project, together with a variety of other topics related to God’s blessings that we continue to receive.

The powerpoint used for these sessions may be viewed here Session #9 Powerpoint.042218

Of particular note, 56 trees donated by our congregation in honor of, or in memory of, family members, friends or the saints that have gone before us were planted onsite this past Saturday.  An additional 94 trees will be planted near the end of construction to fulfill the tree planting requirements of South Middleton Township.  If you are interested in donating one or more of these additional trees please contact Pastor Mira who will hold such a reservation for you until the time of planting.

As part of our work this Saturday, those who came out to plant trees were also provided with a handout to help them walk the property and get a sense of where different features of our new facility will be situated.  Corners of the building footprint have been defined onsite by large colored flags to help get you acclimated to the position of the building on the site.   The driveway connecting East Baltimore Street with our parking lot is also defined onsite by a series of stakes with pink flagging.  These drawings are included in the powerpoint noted above.

Copies of the building footprint with colored flag locations are also available at Info Central in our Gathering Area if you wish to pick one up and visit the site yourself, which we encourage you to do.  With that information in hand you can now get a good feel for our actual site layout as you walk the property.  The flags will remain in-place through May 13.