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As the design and permitting of our new building and campus progresses, Jeff Barnes and the Building Committee are using a blog to share information as quickly as possible with the congregation.  You can “follow” this blog if you choose to, which will send an email link to you for each new posting.

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Please continue to keep this process and our Building Committee and Teams in your prayers…God is doing amazing work in Carlisle!


On October 19, 2016 CUMC Leadership Council signed a non-binding Letter of Intent (LOI) with CAEDC (Cumberland Area Economic Development Corporation) to purchase our current CUMC facility for $1,900,000.  The purchase price acknowledges the CUMC estimate of $2,000,000 that will be necessary to restore the building in conjunction with any other renovations.  This LOI provides CAEDC the next 6 – 12 months as a “due diligence” period to study the property in detail, pursue rezoning with Carlisle Borough and arrange its financing.  At the conclusion of this due diligence period CAEDC , a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, will decide whether or not to proceed with the purchase, resulting in the negotiation of a sales agreement and final price if the outcome is favorable for both CUMC and CAEDC.

CAEDC’s preliminary plans for the repurposing of our facility include a primary reuse as luxury apartments perhaps combined with some retail, restaurants and a gym (our current MPR) open to the community.  A fitness center, coffee / juice bar and wifi lounge are also being considered together with meeting space that would be open to the community for rental.

CAEDC’s timeline coincides very well with the CUMC goal to vacate our current facility, given our target date of summer-fall 2019 (no later than the end of 2020) to occupy our Smith Farm campus.



This week we received unanimous approval of our subdivision plan from the South Middleton Township Supervisors! 

Questions on our second access, traffic impact to South Spring Garden Street, size of our congregation, etc. came up, and we also took the opportunity to publicly mention our day care and preschool throughout the week to make it clear that’s a major focus of our ministry.  Fortunately, all went well and the supervisors were supportive of our plans.  They even offered to waive their required “Recreation Fees” if we are willing to share our facilities (sports fields, gym if we build one, etc) with the community when we’re not otherwise using.  We agreed to that request with the thought that the more people we get on our campus, the more opportunities we have to spread the Good News and make disciples.

So one more hurdle crossed in our journey!  Dawood Engineering surveyors next have to physically set some boundary monuments and pins on behalf of Jeff Smith before the subdivision plan can be signed and recorded.  Following recording there is a 30-day appeal period after which time we can schedule our settlement with the Smiths, hopefully before year end.  Following settlement CUMC will own the land.

Thanks to all who have supported and prayed for this process.  God is SO GOOD, and clearly continues to prepare the way for us as we move forward!