• This Sunday 4/23 the BC will be traveling to Floris UMC in Herndon, VA for worship at two services and to observe the transition of their worship center from contemporary to traditional style between services.  Lunch with Floris staff will follow as an opportunity for Q&A and to hear their lessons learned.
  • Work on a traffic impact study required by PADOT has begun.  A joint meeting will be held tomorrow with South Middleton and Carlisle Borough staffs to discuss the necessary scope of the study as both municipalities must ultimately approve the results.  At this time the study will be focused upon our East Baltimore Street access to the site, and the distribution of the majority of traffic coming from or exiting towards the Borough on South Spring Garden Street.
  • For a first look at our preliminary floor plan and budget including the results of Capital Campaign #1, plan to attend the upcoming April 30 Congregation Information Sessions at 945AM in the Sanctuary or 1100AM in the MPR.
  • The congregational vote to approve our preliminary design and budget will be held on September 24.  Leading up to that vote, the following additional Congregational Information Sessions have been scheduled:

       April 30 – Design update – preliminary floor plan & budget w/ cap campaign   results      

       June 11 – Master Plan presentation & design update

       July 16 – Design update

      Aug 20 – Design update

      Sept 17 – Combined service followed by BC presentation of preliminary design and preliminary budget to be voted upon

      Sept 24 – Vote to approve Preliminary Design and Preliminary Budget



Building Committee Blast – Week of 4/10/17

  • The BC met last week without our architect and contractor to continue revising the building floor plan.  We’re finding that during our meetings with the design team it’s difficult for us to have significant internal conversation to compare notes and opinions.  Thus we’ve realized we need time by ourselves for this purpose.
  • Our intent is to layout the basic floor plan with our architect and contractor in terms of where different ministries will be located, basic sizes and components of each area, coupled with what we project we can afford.  The details of the design of each area will then be handled mostly by the individual Building Teams.  For example, we have a basic layout of an office / administrative area.  But will work with the Staff Buiiding Team to come up with the actual detailed internal design of this area.
  • Our contemporary worship leader, Chris Gregory, is arranging tours for the BC to review West Shore Evangelical Free Church and The Meeting House to learn in particular things they wished they had done differently in their church building projects.
  • Some Building Teams are beginning to meet; others are on hold on the advice of our architect until the design is further advanced.  Thus far the Land Development, Worship/Music, Staff and AVL/Security/Technology teams have had initial meetings or will be meeting soon.  It’s not too late to get involved with any of the Building Teams at this point – you can still do so via the CUMC website!
  • If your Building Team hasn’t met yet, don’t worry, it’s simply because we’re not yet ready to get into those details!  You’ll be contacted by the BT Chair when the time comes to schedule meetings.

Building Committee Blast – Week of 4/3/17

  • The BC is working this week on the beginnings of a floor plan for our new building.  We are on the 3rd iteration of a footprint that incorporates everyone’s requests from the MNET study together with the followup stakeholder/staff surveys conducted by Waldon Studio Architects.
  • While MUCH work remains to be done on the floor plan, it is beginning to come together in an initial pod approach as we do a basic layout (all one story) to accommodate all of our ministries.  We are looking at a two story HEIGHT (but not including a second story) for our worship center, lobby / gathering space, childrens space and youth space to allow for creativity in ministry now and in the future.
  • Our current version of a floor plan is approximately 67,000 SF.  The really good news is that both our architect and contractor have told us we can get everything we are looking for within that approximate footprint; ie, we do NOT need 85,000 SF to meet our needs as currently defined.  That is wonderful news for our BUDGET!!
  • We anticipate presenting our floor plan at the upcoming April 30 Congregational Info sessions – plan to attend for a first look at our progress!

Congregational Info Session #1 03-19-17

The Building Committee held our first Congregational Info Session yesterday morning at 945AM and again at 1100AM.  The Powerpoint below was used to outline 3 (Options A, B & C) site layout options from our architect so far, followed by a presentation of the results of tours of 3 Maryland churches the entire BC attended on March 11, 2017.  We were accompanied by representatives from Waldon Studio Architects and Arthur Funk & Sons Construction Services on these tours, which provided a wealth of information and estimated cost data.  Representatives from each church also shared with us things they wished they had done differently and lessons learned.

The first two churches (Calvary Baptist Church, Westminster, MD; Bay Area Community Church, Annapolis, MD) were designed by Waldon Architects.  The third church (Glen Mar United Methodist Church, Ellicott City, MD) was designed by others but Waldon recently assisted with a renovation of their gathering area and signage.


Session #1 Powerpoint.031917


This past Sunday January 29 our architect team from Waldon Studio joined us for worship at all three of our services.  Ravi Waldon, Christa Kerrigan, Andrew Beyea and Amy Markle were with us for a two-fold purpose.  Most importantly, they wanted to attend each of our worship services to experience the individual style of each service as part of their preparation for design and getting to know CUMC.  Secondly, they twice presented an hour-long session entitled “Designing With Millenials in Mind” which they previously presented to a national audience at a wfx Worship Facilities Conference in Louisville, KY this past September.  A total of 206 individuals from our congregation attended the two sessions including our District Superintendent, Barry Robison, and the President of our General Contractor, Bob Funk of Arthur Funk & Sons Construction Services.

While the Building Committee and Waldon Studio are not advocating that we design our new building solely for future generations, at the same time and as the title of Waldon’s presentation suggests, we do believe it to be very important that we design with both current (which includes the Millenials) generations and future generations IN MIND.  The end result combining our needs, as identified by our 2015 MNET study, coupled with the needs of the soon to be dominant (by population) Millenial generation, plus our look into the future as we attempt to “set the table” for those who will follow us, will likely be a facility that doesn’t look like any of our founding churches, yet will maintain the integrity of our United Methodist traditions as we strive to meet the anticipated needs of future generations.  I think Charles Reynolds said it best in a recent email to our Builders Prayer Team…..”God has chosen us to be partners in preparing a worship center for those too young to do it themselves right now.”

If you were unable to attend last Sunday and wish to view a copy of Waldon’s presentation in pdf format, please send an email requesting same to




Beginning with a staff survey prepared by Waldon Studio Architects, and a kickoff meeting with the full design/construction team on January 17, 2017, the design of our Spring Garden campus has commenced! The Building Committee together with Waldon Studio and Funk Construction will be meeting approximately every 3 weeks to share information and review design progress together with real time pricing of the design.  Concurrently, Dawood Engineering will work with our team on the land development design and begin to lay out our 25 acre campus in detail.  The pace of our design work is aggressive, and our Building Teams will be called upon by our architect to participate as the year progresses.  Our anticipated timeline for the total project is detailed below.

Several key dates to look forward to this year are completion of the Master Plan for our new site and facility by Memorial Day, and an initial congregational vote on our preliminary design and budget in September. Along the way the Building Committee will be holding periodic Sunday morning information sessions to give progress reports along with time for Q&A.  These 60 minute sessions will be held at 945AM in the Sanctuary and again at 1100AM in the MPR.  Watch the bulletin, pre-worship announcements and mid-week minute emails for schedules of these info sessions.  Fasten your seatbelts everyone – its going to be an exciting and fast-paced year as we design for our future!!    


November 22, 2016 Hired Waldon Studio Architects, Arthur Funk and Sons Construction Services and Dawood Engineering (civil engineers)

December 13, 2016 Settlement on Smith Farm property

January – May 2017 Building committee and building teams work with architects and building contractors to complete master plan

April 2017 Based on Capital Campaign 1 commitments, project budget is established

June – September 2017 Land development and schematic building design

September 2017 Congregational vote #1 on preliminary design & budget

October – December 2017Complete design development, detailed design & final costs

January 2018 Congregational vote #2 on final design and budget

February 2018 File for building permit

May 2018 Construction begins

Fall 2019 CUMC relocates to Spring Garden Campus

2021-2023Capital Campaign 2


As we celebrate the birth of our Savior this Advent season, we can likewise finally celebrate the birth of our Spring Garden Campus of CUMC!!  At approximately 430PM on December 12, 2016, our settlement with Jeff & Barb Smith was concluded resulting in another new beginning for CUMC!  Pictured above to the left are Jeff Rehmeyer and Tina Gingerich of CGA Law representing CUMC along with Jeff Barnes, and on the right Barb Smith, Jeff Smith and their attorney Steve Tiley.  A cake was shared following the settlement on which was appropriately inscribed “FOLLOW GOD…..BUILD!”