CUMC Blogpost 31 Dec 2019 – 11 Jan 2020

Welcome to the first CUMC Building Committee Blogpost of 2020.  After you read this, please do me a favor. Introduce the Blogpost to anyone you meet. Encourage them to log in and even sign up for every update through email. After all, this is a story worth telling, and a building program blessed by God for the future of His Kingdom in Carlisle

The contractor teams made very noticeable progress from the end of 2019 through the first two weeks of 2020. Work continued inside and outside, despite some occasional difficult weather.

Overview: Here are four images taken on Jan 10, 2020, of the overall Spring Garden Campus. You can see the inch or two of snow around most places.


Spring Garden Campus parking lots and fields looking west on Jan 10, 2020


The West Wing on Jan 10, 2020.  Note the two curved entrance roofs and the installed garage doors at the Youth area.


Both Wings and Sanctuary on Jan 10, 2020.  Note the partly completed Barrel Vault.  At the Left is the LLLC curved main entrance which will also be covered in the curved copper-colored cladding.


This image of the main entrance and the North and West Gathering areas shows where windows are installed (North Gathering), and where plastic covers the openings on the West Gathering, where the Chapel will be.  The entire front of the sanctuary is encased in plastic with a wooden door at the extreme right.  The Barrel Vault is partly clad.  The forward section shows the insulation awaiting the cladding.  

20200106-11c Cladding Preps-09

Three workers guide a flat piece of cladding through the blue machine, which curves and puts a lip on the cladding. Each piece is prepared by hand, then lifted to the roof for installation.


Metal workers installing the cladding on the Barrel Vault.  Each is strapped to a safety rig.  The white area to the left is five inch insulation.

The Equipment Shed.  This shows the prefab kit that became the equipment building. It was erected on Jan 7, 2020 on the concrete pad behind the North Wing.

20191227-03c buffing Sanctuary Floor-01-crop

Interior Progress. As we closed out 2019, the Sanctuary floor was poured, cured, and buffed. Most of it will be covered in carpet, so the concrete surface does not need to be up to the same standards as a polished concrete floor.

20191231-01s Gym partial paint-01

The Gym is still under development with all the trades active (plumbing, electric, HVAC, painting, etc.)

20200110-06c Sanctuary Vault-01

You can see the interior insulation on the Sanctuary ceiling, as well as the inspirational natural light. This was taken just after noonday in mid-winter.

20200110-07c Sanctuary Steps-04

The three curved steps between the main floor and the stage were recently poured and are curing. In the next week, the contractor plans to pour the side ramps and the stage & backstage. I believe that will complete the interior cement work.

20200110-07c North Gathering Framework-01

The two Gathering Areas are receiving metal studding and initial electrical, plumbing, and HVAC treatments. Right now, it looks like a maze without the walls and doors in place.

Interior rooms are getting doors and locks.  And, both wings continue to be worked on by the interior trades: electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and painting.  I intend to get visuals of the interior work in the near future. 

It would be remiss of me if I failed to note important work that doesn’t lend itself to dramatic imagery.  The Interiors team continues very active and engaged with contractors to ensure things like cabinetry, shelf heights, colors, flooring, door hardware, etc. are what is intended.  They are also involved with the Moving Committee to identify what moves to the campus and to where it exactly goes in the new building, AND where it comes from.  We have a sizeable amount of furniture stored away from CUMC.  The task is probably not as complicated as the Normandy Invasion, but it ranks up there, I imagine.

Next Blog?  More exterior and interior imagery, PLUS, a look at others on the Building Committee who are ensuring everything works out correctly.

Again, please introduce the Blog to someone new!!