CUMC Blogpost through Nov 9 2019


New Welcome sign
Our new CUMC Welcome sign at the beginning of the driveway

If you were one of the approximately 120 persons including all ages and mobility abilities who visited the campus during the November 3rd Open House, ( another brisk and beautiful Sunday God gave us as a bonus), you were able to tour both wings to see the inside progress and to learn details from the Building Committee members responsible for their specific areas. You may have stood before the entrance of our future Sanctuary, amazed by its size, and taken with its austere beauty, even as a skeleton. There were many comments about how you were impressed by the size of the Worship Center and the beauty of the campus exterior. I felt it was a very inspiring time.

During this period, exterior work continued on the West Wing, mainly the south wall, which one does not generally see. Also, the Barrel Vault on the Sanctuary has its initial steel covering.  You can see some interesting drone still imagery of this work. 

On the inside, a good deal of interior workwas accomplished in both wings: drywall, electrical lines, window framing, etc. was accomplished.  Sadly, I can’t drone video that.

SIDEBAR.  Prayers, Cards, and Goodies to Spring Garden Campus. A brief word about CUMC’s program to offer Christian hospitality to all who work at the Campus. This Serve ministry is over a year old.  Various groups within CUMC have been sending prayers, thank you messages, and food to the construction and land development workers at SGC.  Many deliverers experienced the warm reception and thankfulness of these we are blessing. “No one has done anything like this before,” is one of the compliments I heard myself.

Last summer Rich Charette and the men of the Thursday Morning Faye’s Breakfast group grilled hot dogs for the Funk and Gleim teams. You can imagine how well that was received! Rich and gang repeated this wonderful United Methodist food ministry later in November and served over 160 wieners, baked beans, etc. to both the paid workers and to the Volunteers in Mission (VIM) team members on Nov 20. Look for some photos of that in a future blogpost.

The Sunbeam and SpARKs children’s choirs, and the LLLC were involved in this ministry. The workers enjoyed the mud cups including gummy worms.

On Nov 6, we delivered for the first time 2 crock pots of hot, piping chicken vegetable soup with crackers and apple cider and other Halloween snack goodies gathered. The workers (including one woman) began to help themselves around 1030. Everyone expressed thanks for what we’re doing, and many looked through a short album of photos showing what things looked like back in August 2018, before any land was turned over. A couple of electrical guys said they were there from the beginning, and one of them (Ernie) showed some photos he took on his phone of the trenching for the electrical conduits back before the end of 2018.

Riveting the roof covering to the ribs on Nov 6, 2019
Another view of the steelworker atop the Sanctuary roof taken Nov 6 2019.
20191106-21vs Steelworker on Sanct Roof-06
Another view of the work on the Sanctuary roof, Nov 6, 2019
The Sanctuary and the Gathering Wings, with initial roofing material on Nov 6, 2019.
Putting insulation on the Exterior of the West Wing, south side, Nov 6, 2019.
Backyard Development-01
Development plan  for our backyard. stairs to firepit, and future Woods Ampitheatre.
20191106-27vs outline of path-01-cropped-lined
Future site for steps to firepit. VIM teams will build these later in November.
20191106-26 John & Ernie-01
John and Ernie, who have been working at SGC since the beginning.
20191106-24c Dusty and Mike-01
Dusty, the head electrician, and Mike Arnold, the FUNK Project Superintendent (and fellow drone pilot.)