This week we finally began work on the building itself!  Excavation of the foundation system began this past Wednesday and we completed the perimeter wall footing excavations for the Little Lights wing along with the Administrative and Nursery areas preparing approximately 500 lineal feet (LF) of trenchwork this week.  Following placement of reinforcement steel, the first concrete for our building was poured yesterday to create approximately 400 LF of foundation footings.

Foundation work will continue next week along with the mid-week arrival of our masonry subcontractor to begin laying the perimeter block walls on top of these foundations.  It will be exciting to see our new building begin to rise out of the ground!  Our plumbing subcontractor will be next to arrive onsite to begin trenching and installing all drain lines that will run beneath the floor slab.

Meanwhile utility and storm water piping installations continued this week along with the installation of a quite large fiberglass manhole that will house our sewage grinder pumps. While that manhole will ultimately be buried underground along with its interior pumps and plumbing, it nonetheless has a quite significant price tag of around $27,000.

Various photos of the construction activities this week are below to give you an idea of what things are looking like as the building work kicked off.  Praise God for a week of spectacular spring weather in which to work!20190314_074212_resized20190314_074220_resized20190314_081211_resized20190314_120806_resized_120190314_122045_resized_120190314_122410_resized_120190314_130225_resized_120190315_085834_resized20190315_103532_resized20190315_092110_resized