Underground Utility Installation Almost Complete; Foundations to Start Soon!

As we’re all aware, the past 4 to 6 weeks have brought us a blast of real winter weather with rain, sleet, snow and some extremely cold temperatures.  In most cases, such weather would shut down the earthwork portion of a construction project due to the wet conditions, wind chills and frozen ground.  However, our intrepid site work contractor, John Gleim Excavating, has been able to spend this time period focusing instead on the installation of underground utilities and storm drains.  As the photos below indicate, work has continued most every day trenching and installing pipe, conduits and catch basins such that a great deal of necessary work has actually been completed during this period.

Water and sewer installations have been completed from the intersection of South Spring Garden and East Baltimore Streets to our building location on the site, a distance of approximately 1,100 feet.  UGI has likewise been onsite and installed their natural gas service in a similar fashion.  Beginning this past week our electrical subcontractor is installing the necessary conduits encased in concrete to facilitate PPL’s electrical service and Comcast’s communication services (telephone and internet), both of which are being run underground off of the utility pole closest to the East Baltimore Street culdesac.  A variety of photos below depict this ongoing utility work, including the traffic control that was required along South Spring Garden Street as the water and gas lines were tied into the service mains in that street:


We’ve been recently notified by South Middleton Township that they are requiring a 3rd fire hydrant to be placed on our property, one of which is at the culdesac, and the other two are located in parking lot islands near each end of the building.  This resulted in an unanticipated additional expense of close to $20,000.

The storm water catch basins within the parking lot and around the building pad have been installed along with the underground piping that carries the water to the storm water basins – the photo below depicts the parking area near the youth / adult / gym wing with the catch basin concrete elements with grates in the foreground and in the distance on the right side of the photo.


As seen below, the amount of construction equipment onsite has dramatically increased as a result of the work described above.


Arthur Funk & Sons has relocated their job trailers close to what will be the front of the building and begun preparing the reinforcing steel needed for the foundations.


The survey work, string lines and batter boards necessary to stakeout the building perimeter and interior bearing walls and columns are planned for this coming week with foundation work for the building commencing the week of March 18, and the masonry walls beginning soon thereafter.  Now that the utilities have been installed beneath East Baltimore Street, curbing and sidewalk installation along East Baltimore Street are planned for later in March, likely continuing into April.  Initial paving of East Baltimore Street and the CUMC driveway is anticipated in June.