This past week we’ve received an incredible abundance of blessings as we draw closer and closer to receiving our ultimate blessing – celebrating the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ!

Three major milestones have been reached this week for which we need to lift up prayers of gratitude to our faithful and loving God:


After 10 months of waiting, the 8 utility poles and wires on our property were finally removed in total this week by PPL.  The photo below from several weeks ago will remind you of the prominent appearance of these poles on our site…….

Before Poles Removed

In the photo below from this past Thursday you’ll see that they’re gone at long last (and have been donated to Carlisle Borough to use as parking stops in one of their community parks).

PPL Poles Gone


Another lengthy journey was completed yesterday with the signing of a sales agreement for the purchase of our existing facility.  While we’ve had a verbal agreement in place with the buyer for well over a year, there remained many, many details that had to be worked through as the buyer looks to repurpose the building in accordance with Borough of Carlisle ordinances and requirements, as well as in consideration of our timeline to complete our new Spring Garden campus and vacate our current facility.  Details will be forthcoming at a later date when we are permitted to announce the identity of the buyer and the buyer’s plans for repurposing, but for now we are very pleased to have reached this milestone.

CUMC CornerPhoto (00000002)



Below is the text of an email sent today to our Builders Prayer Team that provides an update regarding the issuance of our building permit.  The Builders Prayer Team led by Charles Reynolds are so faithfully supporting our project by undergirding it with prayer on a daily basis, as well as praying for specific needs when requested by the Building Committee.  Their prayer support for our project and the BC is invaluable!

Good Morning Builders Prayer Team,

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  Your prayer efforts have once again been answered by our loving and faithful God!  To my amazement, I received a phone call this past Monday morning from Ron Yoffee of the Middle Department Inspection Agency advising that they were beginning their building permit review for CUMC that day, and would do all that they could to expedite the review in light of our circumstances previously explained.

After several more phone calls and emails thru the week, and after reportedly and undoubtedly “burning some midnight oil”, Ron completed his review and issued their review letter to us this past Thursday – Praise God!!

There are 15 comments in the review letter related to the PA Building Code and our design that we must address and provide revisions and clarifications where necessary.  Thankfully there are no major issues whatsoever; just items that need some further attention from our architect and engineers.  To that end I’ll be rallying our full design team this coming week to begin work in response.  Given the upcoming holidays I suspect it will realistically be early January until we can fully respond to Ron’s letter, but that should translate to the issuance of our building permit in mid to late January which should work to maintain our construction schedule.

So on behalf of your BC as well as all of CUMC thank you again for your prayers.  And together let us raise up prayers of gratitude to our God who continues to walk with us and lead us on this journey!

Blessings, Jeff