Carlisle Borough Planning Commission Approves Land Development Plans

Last evening we went before the Planning Commission of the Borough of Carlisle requesting approval of the Final Land Development Plans for our new facility.  Borough staff had comments on our plans, which we will incorporate, and with that said recommended approval of them.  The Planning Commission likewise approved our plans with the caveat that we incorporate Borough staff’s comments, and will in turn recommend approval of them to Borough Council.  With two exceptions we readily agreed to all of their comments.  We requested waivers from two Borough ordinances regarding the slope of East Baltimore Street as it crests the ridge of rock at the entrance to our property (to minimize the associated costly rock excavation), and the requirement to install curb and sidewalk around the full perimeter of East Baltimore Street and its culdesac that we will build, pay for, and then ultimately dedicate to the Borough (dedication of this street to the Borough means they will assume all ongoing maintenance, snow removal, street sweeping, etc of the street in perpetuity).

Following additional discussion with Borough staff last night and this morning we were able to reach agreement to accept our proposed road and driveway slopes which do in fact meet the Borough’s sight distance requirements.  We also agreed to include a stop sign (for exiting traffic) at the end of our driveway where it meets the East Baltimore Street culdesac.  As to the sidewalk requirement, we reached a compromise agreement to provide sidewalk on the south side of East Baltimore Street only, plus depress the curb line on the north side of the culdesac to facilitate snow plowing by the Borough.  A preliminary drawing depicting these features may be viewed by clicking here.  21505403-LDE-PO-LY01-E Baltimore-Walk

All in all we are pleased with this outcome.  Our next step in the Borough permitting process will be to receive Borough Council approval of our Land Development plans at their January 11, 2018 meeting.

Our December 19, 2017 presentation to the South Middleton Township Planning Commission was tabled as a result of administrative comments from SMT staff, and rescheduled for January 16, 2018.

May you all have a most joyous and blessed Christmas as we celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ!!