Building Committee Blast – Week of 4/3/17

  • The BC is working this week on the beginnings of a floor plan for our new building.  We are on the 3rd iteration of a footprint that incorporates everyone’s requests from the MNET study together with the followup stakeholder/staff surveys conducted by Waldon Studio Architects.
  • While MUCH work remains to be done on the floor plan, it is beginning to come together in an initial pod approach as we do a basic layout (all one story) to accommodate all of our ministries.  We are looking at a two story HEIGHT (but not including a second story) for our worship center, lobby / gathering space, childrens space and youth space to allow for creativity in ministry now and in the future.
  • Our current version of a floor plan is approximately 67,000 SF.  The really good news is that both our architect and contractor have told us we can get everything we are looking for within that approximate footprint; ie, we do NOT need 85,000 SF to meet our needs as currently defined.  That is wonderful news for our BUDGET!!
  • We anticipate presenting our floor plan at the upcoming April 30 Congregational Info sessions – plan to attend for a first look at our progress!