“Follow” the Building Progress Blog to get updates in your email

As the design and permitting of our new building and campus progresses, Jeff Barnes and the Building Committee are using a blog to share information as quickly as possible with the congregation.  You can “follow” this blog if you choose to, which will send an email link to you for each new posting.

Visit https://cumcbc.wordpress.com and in the lower right corner click on “Follow.”  You will be asked to enter your email, and then confirm your request via an email in your inbox.  After that, each time a blog is posted you will get an email notifying you of the update.

Another way to signup for this blog is to go to the CUMC website at http://www.carlislepaumc.org.  On the home page click on the New Building Progress box, followed by clicking on the blue words “Link to Blog”, and continue with the instructions above.

Please continue to keep this process and our Building Committee and Teams in your prayers…God is doing amazing work in Carlisle!